Eating the Bitcoin Cake

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee discusses the trade-offs developers are currently considering as they seek to increase the bitcoin network’s capacity.

Tech and Banking Giants Join Forces with the Linux Foundation to Create New Open Source Blockchain ‘Hyperledger’

A group of top tech and finance companies including IBM, Wells Fargo and the London Stock Exchange Group, are joining forces to develop a new open source blockchain separated from the Bitcoin blockchain, Bloomberg Business reports. The group will work with the Linux Foundation to create a public network that lets blockchain applications built on […]

Give the Gift of Bitcoin for Christmas – Bitcoin Gift Ideas

The post Give the Gift of Bitcoin for Christmas – Bitcoin Gift Ideas appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Christmas is only a week away and I thought I’d take the time to give you some gift ideas for Bitcoin lovers or even for complete newbies who want to get into Bitcoin. The Classic Bitcoin gift […]

Cryptocurrency: Searching for Legal Consistency

For those looking to participate in crypto-commerce, uncertainty about how the law will treat virtual currency transactions can be a stumbling block. Because crypto coins are permissionless innovation, commerce and its rules are developing from the ground up along with data and process infrastructure.  As regulators encounter bitcoin, they issue ad hoc statements about the […]

Warning: If You Choose A Career In Bitcoin You Might Die Poor And Alone

As I walked by a podcast interview at a recent Bitcoin conference, I was made to laugh. “People say Bitcoin mining isn’t profitable. Well, if you mine Bitcoin now, and if the price goes up, doesn’t that mean Bitcoin was profitable?”  The key word there being “if.” That “if” makes the above-stated proposition nothing more […]

Bitcoin Price Up; Gains This Weekend?

Every so often, we will set up our key levels in the bitcoin price market on a particular day, and – as price plays out over the next few days – we will see them hold firm over and over again. While this can help us in our trading, it is also a nice confirmation […]

Bitcoin Price: Serious About Advance Or Not?

Bitcoin price is hitting upside resistance and the sense is that bitcoin wants to follow its primary valuator – the US dollar – in a rally. There is reason to refrain from trading right now, as the chart technicals show risk to the upside. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read […]

E-Coin Announces Holiday Campaign; To Award Free Virtual Bitcoin Cards

Renowned Bitcoin debit card issuer E-Coin has announced a new holiday campaign in which it is awarding its virtual Bitcoin card for free. Holiday E-Coin Giveaway The campaign, according to E-Coin’s online update, requires participants to submit at least 10 entries using over 20 different tasks. These tasks are pretty easy to achieve, for […]