Blockstack Joins the Growing Number of Fintech Companies That Use the Blockchain to Streamline Mainstream Finance

Blockstack, a San Francisco-based firm, is adapting the technology of Bitcoin for mainstream finance, including clearing and settlement. A small group of banks have started beta testing Blockstack’s technology, Bloomberg Business reports. The startup, run by former Google Inc. and Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. employees, is jumping into the competition to use digital-currency technology to […] Rebrands as Magnr, Introduces Bitcoin Savings Accounts

According to there are over $750 million worth of bitcoin sitting idle. Magnr, a company dedicated to providing Cryptocurrency Financial Services, is trying to change this by allowing the first-ever blockchain-based “savings accounts.” Magnr currently operates across two verticals: trading and saving. “Magnr allows users to independently verify the safety of their deposit on […]

Domain Organization ICANN to Reveal Business Owner Identities

In a move that many are protesting, the ICANN organization which makes many of the rules for the World Wide Web is presently considering a move that will require websites with “business activity” to dox their owners. They will no longer be allowed to use privatized information, they will have to display their real name, […]

Is Increasing the Bitcoin Block Size Really the Solution?

The debate to increase the bitcoin block size from its current 1MB has been going on for quite some time now. Those who are calling for a larger limit say that the current size of the network can no longer handle the transactions efficiently with such a small block size. Some say that it should […]

Facebook Challenges Bitcoin? Payment Icon Added To Desktop Users

Facebook has continued unveiling its Facebook payments platform, adding the desktop option on Wednesday for many users. CCN reported in March how the social media website had introduced payments on its messenger application, and it seems that today it has rolled out a Facebook chat payment integration for desktop. In March, Facebook announced the introduction […] Introduces Digital Currency as the Future of Money

RushMyBitcoin (RMB) is a USA based exchange that has all cryptocurrencies available for sale with currently Over 500+ to choose from. (RMB) started a new “Bitcoin Evangelism” program. The company believes digital currency is replacing money in day-to-day transactions so they’ve launched a “Get Familiar With Bitcoin” campaign For a limited time only, RMB […]