Bitcoin Mining May Soon Turn Eco-Friendly

The whole premise behind Bitcoin is to democratise the economy. But increased mining costs and processing power requirements have led to the creation of few large Bitcoin mining pools run by data centres belonging to companies which invite people to invest in these centres for a small share of rewards in bitcoin. Mining is an […]

Coinsecure Is Now Connecting India to Bitcoin

In a recent report, it was predicted that the Bitcoin community will hit 5 million by 2019 and the world population will reach an estimated 7.5 billion by the same time. This translates to less than 1 percent of world population who will know about Bitcoin and its benefits, unless people are made aware of […]

Bitcoin Price Bounces From Support

Bitcoin price declined to $240 (Bitfinex) and 1500 CNY (BTC-China) where it found support at its reliable 200-period moving average. A bounce higher is underway and analysis looks for its target and outcome. This analysis is provided by with a 3 hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now and […]

Bitcoin Could Change The Derivatives Market, Says UBS Banker

Bitcoin could change derivatives, in particular settlement, trading and securities issuance according to some individuals, among whom are bankers and technologists. Alex Batlin, who has been a vocal supporter of banks adopting Bitcoin related technologies, told attendees of the IDX Derivatives Expo in London that blockchain technologies will change banking.  “Blockchain technologies can make banks […]

6 Ways to Fund Your New Bitcoin Business or App

25 years ago, the Internet was just a gleam in some techies eyes, as a new age of technology was dawning. Many readers of this article will not remember an age before Facebook, Yahoo and Google, but yes, the Internet did exist without them. There was a time when there were no search engines, social […]

Could Bitcoin Become Greece’s Official Currency?

Greece faces a €1.5 billion payment to the IMF expires  on June 30, and to make matters worse The Eurozone portion of Greece’s €245-billion bailout expires on the same day. This huge debt and interest is totally unsustainable for Greece to maintain and Greece has no more to give. This could mean Greece exclusion from […]

Canadian Senate Says No to Regulating Digital Currencies

The Canadian Senate’s Banking, Trade and Commerce (BTC) committee released its final report Friday asking the federal government to use a “light touch” in dealing with digital currencies. “We’ve heard, and we agree, that blockchain technology is at a delicate stage in its development and use,” the report reads. “This is why we urge the […]

Commentary: Bitcoin Adoption in the United Kingdom

This is a guest post by George Basiladze of Following mentions of U.K. chancellor George Osborne’s desire to make Britain a Bitcoin Capital last year and proposing a government investigation into the potential of the cryptocurrency and related technology, 2015 would appear to be an exciting time for Bitcoin in the United Kingdom The […]

36% of Australians Would Trade Banks for Better Digital Money Services

A recent survey conducted by personal finance company Fair Go Finance has found that a large chunk of Australians are ready to leave the traditional banking system and move to digital money. The survey received responses from 3,148 people, and the questions involved everything from bitcoin to Facebook money transfers. The online survey was conducted […]