TaaS Announces the Successful Completion of its ICO

Bitcoin Press Release: Singapore-based TaaS, an investment fund designed to ease the process of investing in blockchain markets, has announced the successful completion of its ICO. April 27, 2017 – TaaS, which began its journey in October, takes pleasure in announcing the completion of its successful ICO. The project is inspired by the idea of bringing […]


BATT Episode 49: Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk

Streamed live on Apr 5, 2017 Join William from Coinigy.com, Brian from TheRationalInvestor.co and Alex Sterk from UbiqSmart.com as they discuss the latest in bitcoin and altcoin trading, trends, technical and fundamental analysis, and your usual dose of humor. Don’t miss this one!


BATT Episode 48: Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk

Streamed live on Mar 15, 2017 Perk up for another round of exciting #bitcoin and #altcoin fundamental and technical analysis, with your regular cast of characters Alex from Blocktalk, Brian from The Rational Investor, and William from Coinigy.