5 days left until Exscudo ICO

The ICO will run 37 days from April 25 till May 31. The price for 1 EON coin is fixed at 0.0002 BTC. All investors will be able to trade daily on the Exscudo Exchange the same amount of money as they have invested. The pre-order of EON coins is available in the web cabinet. Users […]

India Could Soon Legalize Bitcoin

Indian media outlets have reported about the recently held session of the country’s parliamentary inter-ministerial committee on cryptocurrency. The committee’s first session is said to have concluded on a promising note, where a majority of the members were in favor of introducing regulations on cryptocurrency usage, thereby offering a legal status to Bitcoin and other virtual […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; 1300 Just Around The Corner!

Another day done in our bitcoin price trading efforts is drawing to a close, and it’s been one that has been pretty good to us. We noted in our coverage this morning that the bitcoin price seemed to be settling down a bit, and that we we’re expecting some degree of sideways trading today, as […]