Roger Ver Claims Bitcoin Unlimited is Production Ready At This Stage

It has been a while since someone tweeted something odd about Bitcoin Unlimited. Roger Ver came up with a statement that will get people riled up once again. In his opinion, Bitcoin Unlimited is production ready, as it produces over 40% of network blocks. While that statistic is true, no one in their right mind […]

Florida May Pass Bill To Introduce More Bitcoin Regulation Under AML Laws

Bitcoin users often get scrutinized by government officials for no apparent reason. In the State of Florida, anyone using bitcoin may soon find themselves as a person of interest in a money laundering investigation. Lawmakers aim to pass a bill that adds virtual currencies to Florida’s money-laundering statute. This is not good news for bitcoin […]

Exchanging Virtual Currencies in Florida to Become More Painful

The law enforcement agencies in Florida have been working overtime, trying to net people attempting to buy or sell bitcoin in their individual capacity. However, they were left disappointed at least in one case after the presiding Judge decided to drop charges on the account of lack of clear classification of the digital currency. But […]