ICO Insanity? $300 Million Gnosis Funding Sparks Market Reaction

The latest in a long line of initial coin offerings (ICOs), a sale held today for tokens that will power the proposed ethereum prediction market Gnosis is emerging as a more novel entry – if not for the reasons intended. Ostensively designed to discourage the kind of speculation that has come to define so-called initial coin offerings […]

Cloud Services and Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

In the past few years, the definition of IT infrastructure has changed from self-hosted servers and data centers to cloud computing and virtual machines. The cloud services became popular mainly because of the flexibility in terms of capacity and performance it offers. The cloud services providers like Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc., have the capability […]

The French Presidential Election Could Affect The Markets

The first round of the French Presidential election is coming up, and there’s some political unease here. Now, one police officer was killed in Champs Elysees, and French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen called for French terror suspects to be expelled after the attack. Not only that, but another candidate, Emmanuel Macron cancelled two rallies, […]

Creditbit Updates the Community about its Status

Creditbit has seen a flurry of activities over the past few months. Things are moving at a fast pace for the platform, which could make it difficult for the Creditbit community and prospective adopters to keep track of things. Therefore, the dev team has recently posted an update about the current status of Creditbit on […]