BITNATION GOVERNANCE 2.0 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—BITNATION ANNOUNCES BASIC INCOME APPLICATION 20th December 2014, Kumasi, Ghana: the Decentralized Application (DApp) will be hosted on the Bitnation core platform – Bitnation Pangea – after its release in 2015. will be a first experimental attempt to provide a system for a crypto based Universal Basic Income […]

Blackcoin Foundation has announced “active support” for CXC payment platform

Blackcoin Foundation announces “active support” for the CXC CheckoutCoin project – a full-featured Point-of-Sale platform for cryptocurrencies This news piece is complimentary to the article which you should read here for more info about CXC. Many people within the cryptocurrency community, particularly the Blackcoin community, were surprised when the Blackcoin Foundation announced that it will provide […]