Craig Steven Wright to Confirm Identity as Satoshi Nakamoto?

There has been a long list of figures who the press and online commenters have speculated are Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin. At one point, when Newsweek claimed Dorian Nakamoto, an unnamed individual left a cryptographic message stating, “I am not Dorian Nakamoto.” Many argued this in-and-of-itself does not prove Satoshi left the message. Read […]

MS Excel 2016 Will Have Native Support for Bitcoin Currency Format

In a nod to the growing popularity of Bitcoin, Microsoft Excel – the most popular and widely used spreadsheet program in the world, will provide native support for the cryptocurrency’s format within the program. The Microsoft Office software suite, a collection of various programs which altogether makes for the most popular and widely used office […]

Blockchain Under Financial Stability Board’s Scanner

The Financial Stability Board has discussed and reviewed distributed ledger or blockchain technology in a wider meeting covering its priorities in 2016, during a discussion in Tokyo over the past two days. The Financial Stability Board (FSB), a common platform that sees the coming together of senior policy makers from central banks, ministries of finance […]

Angela Walch: 3 Risk Factors to Consider Before Replacing Existing Financial Infrastructure With Bitcoin Blockchain Technology

While Bitcoin may not replace the U.S. dollar anytime soon, the underlying technology of the blockchain is certainly generating hype among mainstream financial institutions.   Startups experimenting with blockchain technology for financial institutions are already receiving funding from banks like JPMorgan. In fact, in an Emerging Theme Radar note sent to its clients, Goldman Sachs has declared […]

Bitcoin Wallets as Swiss Bank Accounts: The Developer’s Perspective

Bitcoin was seemingly dragged into the very public debate on privacy and encryption recently. Specifically, President Barack Obama warned that if the government can’t access phones, “…everybody is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket,” which appeared to refer to cryptocurrency. Last week, Bitcoin Magazine reported on Bitcoin’s industry representatives and their positions on […]