Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: More Than an Academic View of Progress

This past week has seen progress in two aspects of Bitcoin: privacy and payments. Attitudes toward blockchain technology are also showing progress as two surveys reveal. And yet, regulation does not necessarily seem to be keeping pace. Here are some of the stories that we’ve been following at Bitcoin Magazine. Stay on top of the […]

Tron Price: The 12th-Largest Cryptocurrency Continues to Range Trade

On Friday Aug 31, Tron (TRX) crept higher than the day before, but the momentum was already fading out by noon. The crypto is now trading at $0.0247, which is lower than early this week, says Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, chief analyst at RoboForex. Technically, the overall long-term trend is still descending, and it will be this […]

Not a Ticket to Riches: Average Cryptojacking Website Makes Only $5.80 per Day

The amount of money that the average cryptojacker makes in a day places them squarely below the developed world’s poverty line. This came to the fore after a study conducted by researchers at Germany’s Braunschweig University of Technology revealed that even though some high-traffic websites profit handsomely from cryptojacking, the average ones only manage to […]

Artwork Fit for the Rich and Famous Sold for Cryptocurrency

An artist who has sold pieces to Hollywood A-listers, rock stars, and professional athletes recently sold an entire collection of his work for cryptocurrency. Lincoln Townley is is disrupting the world of art sales with his unorthodox methods of exhibition, as well as the payment methods he accepts. Artist Embraces Technology to Shake Up the […]

Dash CEO: Financial Institutions Must Move Cautiously Despite Crypto Potential

The CEO of Dash Core Group has said that despite the potential of cryptocurrencies, larger financial institutions must move cautiously. Moving with the Times, but Caution is Still Needed For years, the crypto industry has continually worked at attracting institutional investors to the market. It hasn’t been easy though. A lack of trusted custodians, in […]

Important Rules For Protecting and Storing Your Crypto Holdings

In today’s digital world, we are sitting on zettabytes of digital data generated from various online, as well as offline activities. These data volumes will only grow exponentially, as the trend shows, doubling every two years through 2020 and beyond. Much of this data is private and sensitive; therefore, it requires protection, which in our […]

Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Experts Weigh In

Although one of the primary goals of Bitcoin is to create a currency that is borderless and decentralized, a recurring concern is the way (other than mining) that we are able to actually acquire it and other cryptocurrencies. Crypto exchanges became a necessary component of this equation, and they hold a huge influence over the […]