Goldman Sachs is Signing up Customers for its Bitcoin Trading Product: Report

Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has quietly begun signing up a limited number of customers for its yet-to-launch bitcoin trading product. Citing a source familiar with the matter, The Block reports that the 149-year-old Bulge Bracket bank has onboarded a “small number of clients” to actively trade the derivative, a non-deliverable forward, which is a […]

German Regulator Advises Investors to “Keep Their Hands Off” ICOs

The president of BaFin, Germany’s financial watchdog, is supportive of a global regulatory framework for initial coin offerings (ICOs). Critical of cryptocurrency financial rounds, Felix Hufeld advises private investors to “keep their hands off such things”. BaFin’s President Hufeld Supports International Standards for Cryptocurrencies and ICOs German’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), an independent institution […]

Swamp not Drained? 64% of US Voters Fear Politicians Will Misuse Crypto Donations

Mistrust of politicians is nothing new, but the perception that bitcoin and other crypto tokens are unregulated has heightened the suspicions of eligible US voters. According to a survey conducted by blockchain research firm Clovr, 64 percent of respondents across the US political landscape were fearful of politicians coming up with ways to illegally take advantage […]

Survey: 60% of US Voters Support Bitcoin Donations in Federal Elections

A poll conducted by IT firm Clovr has found that 60 percent of participants who are eligible voters are in favor of legalizing cryptocurrency donations in federal elections in the U.S. A number of states have already restricted or ruled against such donations and the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) accepts cryptocurrency as in-kind contributions limited […]

Oyster Protocol Founder Exit Scams, Steals $300,000 from ICO Smart Contract

Oyster Protocol is a hybrid IOTA/Ethereum smart contract platform designed to help websites garner revenue. Instead of traditional advertising, users of websites contribute their computing resources, enabling the website owner to garner Oyster Pearls (PRL) by securing and contributing to services offered by Oyster. PRL — which is an ERC-20 token and runs on Ethereum […]

LocalBitcoins Seller Pleads Guilty to Operating Unlicensed Business

A LocalBitcoins seller pleaded guilty of operating an illegal money transfer business in a Southern California federal court earlier today. The defendant admitted to buying thousands of Bitcoin over a 16-month period and selling them through the popular peer-to-peer marketplace without the correct licence to do so. Bitcoin Dealer Agrees to Forfeit Over $820,000 According […]

Standardized Specifications for Enterprise Version of Ethereum Announced

On October 29, 2018, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced in Prague at DevCon 4 two new software specifications that will help businesses standardize future code developments on an enterprise version of the Ethereum blockchain. The first specification, Client Specification V2, defines the implementation requirements for Enterprise Ethereum clients, including interfaces to the external-facing components […]