Lunyr Crowdsale Successful with 47,923 ETH ($3.4 Million)

The Lunyr crowdsale successfully ended on April 27 (Pacific time) with 47,923 in Ether (now $3.4 Million). This makes Lunyr one of the largest crowdsales to date on the Ethereum platform. Lunyr is the first decentralized crowdsourced encyclopedia that rewards users for contributing and peer reviewing information. Lunyr tokens (LUN) drive economic incentives. Lunyr aims […]

Brazilian Criminals Kidnap Woman And Demand a Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often used in criminal activity. While most of these attacks take place on the Internet, Bitcoin also has an allure for regular criminals. In Brazil, a few men kidnapped a 32-year-old woman this week. In exchange for her release, they demand a bitcoin payment. Luckily, the Civil Police was able […]