Bitcoin Ends 2015 as the Best Performing Currency of the Year

Bitcoin has dramatically ended 2015 as the best performing currency of the year, surpassing the growth rate and value of both emerging and dominant currencies including pound sterling, Japanese yen, Chinese Yuan and the US Dollar. Similar to its success in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, bitcoin has recorded a staggering 26.23% yearly increase, overtaking […]

Jeff Garzik and Gavin Andresen: Bitcoin is Being Hot-Wired for Settlement

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published on Medium by Co-Founder of Bloq Inc. & Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik and Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation & Bitcoin Core Developer Gavin Andresen. Disclaimer: The following is personal opinion and does not reflect an official position by Bloq, MIT or any other organization or group. […]

Meet Decred: A Digital Currency by Bitcoin Developers

Bitcoin Press Release: Decred is a digital currency that aims to build a more robust consensus system, make funding for long-term development sustainable, and bring new forms of open governance to the blockchain. CHICAGO, Illinois — December 29, 2015 — In 2012, a group of developers experimented with Satoshi’s original Bitcoin client in an effort […]

Bitcoin Price Breaks; Recovery Tonight?

In this morning’s bitcoin price watch article, we focused on a pretty narrow range in an attempt to combine our intraday breakout strategy with some scalp targets to draw quick profit from the market on any volatility. Action has now matured throughout the session, and we are heading into what looks like its going to […]

Elephant Platform Announces Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency elCoin

Elephant, a multi-functional economic platform, has launched elCoin, a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum project. The cryptocurrency is the first to launch worldwide built on smart contract and blockchain technologies. The unit cost of 1ELC is set at 2,5 EUR at the crowd sale stage. The announcement posted on “industry today,” a content distribution website. […]