How Bitcoin Offers Certain Freedoms to Latin Americans

Earlier, we reported that bitcoin was bringing fairly dangerous conditions to miners in Venezuela. Sure, bitcoin mining is a great way to make money in a financially unstable country, but if the government is pushing for limitations on bitcoin use, that can definitely be a problem. Bitcoin mining isn’t necessarily illegal in Venezuela, but trust […]

Dragon’s Tale – Call the Birds of Prey and Get some Bitcoins

Dragon’s Tale is the place where you can find the most awkward game in the Bitcoin Gambling industry. It is a gambling site that unites role-play gaming with gambling and where players can enroll a fantastic adventure as well as enjoy the best and most original casino games ever. Actually, Dragon’s Tale is the most […]

Rumors of Loanbase’s Imminent Shutdown Run Rampant

Rumors run abound in the world of bitcoin. November has been a month spread wide with tales of China’s alleged legislation meant to restrict bitcoin trading and limit international transactions. While these rumors have not come full circle yet, one can see just how uncertain the digital currency arena can be. Now, another rumor is […]

Bitcoin Companies Gear Up to Give Back on Bitcoin Giving Tuesday

Social and philanthropic use cases involving bitcoin have increased over the years, helping to push its adoption. This year, the bitcoin community is aiming to demonstrate once again how important bitcoin is as an opportunity for charitable giving with Bitcoin Giving Tuesday. Held each year after Black Friday, Bitcoin Giving Tuesday — an extension of the […]