XBT Provider Sees Growing Bitcoin Demand: "Private Blockchain Hype Will Translate to Higher Bitcoin Prices at a Later Stage"

XBT Provider, a Swedish company that has launched the world’s first Bitcoin-backed instrument on a regulated exchange (Nasdaq Nordic) is planning a global expansion following its success in the Scandinavian region. The firm manages two Bitcoin instruments called Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker Euro. The latter was launched with the approval Sweden’s financial supervisory […]

Korea’s Kookmin Bank Partners With Coinplug to Develop a Blockchain Forex Application

Kookmin Bank, one of South Korea’s largest commercial banks and one of the four largest financial institutions in the country by asset value, has secured a partnership with Bitcoin wallet service and merchant payment solutions provider Coinplug to develop a blockchain-based foreign exchange business model. The bank will collaborate closely with Coinplug, which registered several […]

New OBPP Report Outlines Troubling State of Privacy in Bitcoin Wallets

Although Bitcoin has a reputation as a haven for criminals who wish to transact online in an anonymous manner, it doesn’t appear the currently available wallet options are very helpful for this potential use case of the digital cash system. In their second edition of the Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Rating Report, released Sunday, the Open […]

Coinbase Initiates Bitcoin Purchase through US Debit Cards

In an announcement today, Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has announced the beta launch of a new feature that will lead to enabling US customers to purchase bitcoin instantly via debit cards. Coinbase has announced the beta launch of a new feature that will facilitate the purchase of bitcoin(s) instantly with US-based debit cards. The feature is […]

Japan Debates Its Bitcoin Tax

Japan is the only one among seven major industrialized nations to tax bitcoin. There is an increasing number of critics within the country arguing that the consumption tax hurts Japan’s competitiveness, writes Toshihisa Kinouchi of Nikkei. While Japan currently ponders deeming bitcoin and virtual currencies as currencies similar to conventional fiat currencies, there is another […]

Bitcoin Price In Choppy Waves

Bitcoin price declines reluctantly and has not achieved a new high since Sunday. Successive lows are printing in the chart and the bulls seem to be using each as an enthusiastic buying opportunity, making for a jagged decline. This analysis is provided by xbt.social with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a […]