What Came First, Bitcoin or Ransomware?

Bitcoin and Ransomware, these words appear more frequently in a single sentence these days than we wish for. Ransomware attacks have become a common occurrence these days. We had earlier reported the use of Advertising network by cyber criminals to propagate ransomware to the computers belonging to the readers of some of the leading news […]

KeepKey Aims at Greater Accessibility

Bitcoin Press Releases: KeepKey, the leading bitcoin hardware wallet on the market today, is being offered at a lower price. The device now has greater accessibility to digital currency users worldwide. KeepKey will now retail for $99, down from its previous price of USD $239.00. “The only complaint we have ever received about KeepKey was […]

Verisign Patents New Technology that Prevents Bitcoin Double Spending

Verisign, a digital signing and security solutions provider has recently moved to patent a technology that prevents double spending. The technology in question can effectively detect and prevent digital assets like bitcoin and other cryptocurrency from being double spent, thus protecting the interests of the receiver. Most digital currencies work using a single use cryptographic […]

Satire: Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Accepts Bitcoin

United States senator Bernie Sanders, a Presidential hopeful as a candidate for the Democratic nomination up against Hillary Clinton and whose entire campaign funding comes predominantly from donations is now accepting bitcoin, perfectly coinciding with his image as a grassroots candidate. With about 2 million donors, 5.7 million contributions at an average of $27 to […]

Bitcoin Transaction Friction: A Reality Check

Are bitcoin transactions really frictionless compared to traditional currency? Alexander Kroeger, a research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Research and Startup Group, and Asani Sarkar, an assistant vice president at the bank’s Integrated Policy Analysis Group, analyzed bitcoin transactions and concluded that price differences across bitcoin exchanges and other factors create […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; The Weekend Ahead

We’re about to shut down our analysis for the weekend, but before we do, let’s take one more look at the bitcoin price, in an attempt to set up against any potential volatility that comes this evening and, beyond that, into the weekend. The chart below shows action across pretty much the entire week. As […]

Global Markets Operator ICAP Successfully Implements Blockchain Technology Pilot

ICAP, a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services with more than $1.6 billion in revenue, announced that its Post Trade Risk and Information (“PTRI”) division has successfully carried out a proof-of-technology pilot test using blockchain technology. The ICAP PTRI division plans to use its newly developed proof-of-technology protocol […]