Bitcoin Price Double Top

Bitcoin price has made a double in the BTC/CNY exchange charts and we might see a trend reversal today. However, the USD exchange charts do not confirm the double top pattern and we examine the confirmation signals for trade. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not […]

Deloitte says too early to regulate Bitcoin

In a report titled “Bitcoin at the crossroads,” released by Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategies, the issue of regulation of Bitcoin has been discussed at length. The report gives a quick introduction of the virtual currency Bitcoin and its technology blockchain and then swiftly moves on to the question that the report addresses: “how will […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; The Weekend Ahead…

A little earlier on this morning, we published our twice daily bitcoin price watch piece. In the piece we outlined the levels we were looking to watch in the bitcoin market throughout Friday’s session, and stated that – if we got the volatility we were looking for – we would look to enter according to […]

Breaking: Barcelona Set To Launch Its Own Digital Currency

It all began in Ecuador in the year 2000. The country had launched its digital currency “dinero electrónico” without attracting much limelight but today this currency attracts every Bitcoin enthusiast as it has turned out to be a winner! Now, as per Spanish News Today, the Town Hall of Barcelona is all set to replicate […]

Looking for a Bitcoin Escrow Service? Consider This First…

The post Looking for a Bitcoin Escrow Service? Consider This First… appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Recently I’ve made a few large Bitcoin related purchases with people whom I’ve never met before. This of course required me to use some sort of Escrow service to conduct the transaction. When doing my research about the different […]

Chainalysis and Wave Showcase Blockchain Fintech Products at New York Barclays Accelerator, Sign Deal with Barclays

Eleven companies showcased their innovative fintech propositions at the Barclays Accelerator demo day in New York. Eight of these companies have already signed contracts with the bank. The demo day followed 13 weeks of intensive networking, mentoring and development. The Barclays Accelerator program, offered in partnership with the Techstars global networks, includes mentorship and opportunities […]

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair: We’re Open to Alternative Block-size Proposals

BitPay, one of the top funded companies and most-used payment processor in the Bitcoin industry, is open to alternative block-size proposals – not just BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) 101. Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, CEO Stephen Pair reaffirmed that BitPay will adopt code to increase Bitcoin’s block-size limit by December of this year, but said this […]