How the Magic of IBLTs Could Boost Bitcoin’s Decentralization

Bitcoin requires decentralization of miners (or mining pools) and full nodes to achieve what some consider its core property: censorship resistance. As such, the block-size dispute represents a trade-off. Bigger blocks allow for more transactions on the Bitcoin network, but take more time to propagate, favoring larger miners and pools, while the increased data transmission […]

Islamic State Probably Isn’t Using Bitcoin And, If So, They’re Dumb

News that Bitcoin can be tied to the Islamic State circulated on the internet in the wake of the Paris attacks. European Union leaders even held a so-called “emergency meeting” on virtual currencies themselves, reportedly investigating how to better control the currency. To be sure, evidence that the Islamic State uses Bitcoin in any significant […]

CoinSource Installs Its Second Bitcoin ATM In The New York City Area

CoinSource, a bitcoin ATM (BTM) network, announced the first BTM in New York City’s Lower East Side at 61 Delancey Street. Located within the N&N Delancey Smoke Shop, the BTM marks CoinSource’s second New York City area installation and joins a national network of bitcoin BTMs stretching from San Diego, Calif. to Las Vegas, Nev. […]

Quantum Physicists Are Working on ‘Unbreakable’ Cybersecurity Systems

A group of physicists in Australia’s capital city of Canberra are looking away from crypto-based mathematics encryption to work on encryption based on the laws of physics, or more specifically – quantum physics. This form of encryption is deemed ‘unbreakable’. The post Quantum Physicists Are Working on ‘Unbreakable’ Cybersecurity Systems appeared first on CCN: Financial […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s Tonight’s Plan of Action

Earlier this morning, we published the first of our two bitcoin price watch pieces highlighting the downside break we saw in the markets overnight, and suggesting that – in response to the bitcoin price returning to trade within our predefined range – we would maintain the levels we had previously slated as the ones to […]