Chain Releases Open-Source Version of Chain Core Technology Powering Visa’s New B2B Connect

On October 21, 2016, Visa announced a new partnership with blockchain enterprise company Chain that will develop “a simple, fast and secure way to process B2B payments globally.” Dubbed Visa B2B Connect, the system will offer participating pilot financial institutions a consistent process for managing settlement through Visa’s standard practices. “The time has never been better for the global […]

Cyberfunks Alliance for the Unbanked Uses Play to Promote Bitcoin Adoption

Some Bitcoin marketers and advocates have conflated mass adoption with mass appeal; the two, however, are not the same. That’s according to Reynaldo Poullard, founder of Austin-based non-profit Cyberfunks Alliance, which will be holding its inaugural event series, Bitcoin Awakens, on November 6, in partnership with the Central Texas Food Bank in East Austin. With around […]

BTCC Brings the New Mobi Wallet to Life

CEO of BTCC Bobby Lee has the new Mobi wallet, which “enables users to send bitcoin and 50 other types of money to anyone by typing in a recipient’s phone number.” The company is being touted as bitcoin’s version of PayPal, which requires a simple email address for users to receive money in exchange for […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Let’s Get Some Upside Action Going

Tuesday is now pretty much over from a European perspective, and things have been a little slow today. We were hoping to get a couple of opportunities to get in to our intraday strategy rules, and continue our run of profit taking that kicked off on Monday and played through until yesterday evening. We’re hoping […]