Consensus 2017: Blockchain Consortia in A Rapidly Changing Market

“Whatever we build today will probably have to be changed again.” So said Eiki Hatakeyama of the Western Asset Management Company, highlighting a sense of realism that came through in a series of workshops sponsored by distributed ledger consortium R3 during CoinDesk’s Consensus 2017 conference. Discussions revolved around the rapidly changing marketplace – and the difficulty of keeping up, even within […]

Growth in Japanese Crypto Currency Market Pushes The Sales of MCAP Tokens

Voila! What a month it has been for blockchain and crypto world. From prices of crypto currencies skyrocketing to Governments accepting it as a currency, it has put the critics in a state of bewilderment. In March last year, the Japanese cabinet recognized virtual currencies like bitcoin to have the same properties as money as […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Tonight’s Key Levels

We are coming to the close of the European session, and the US afternoon is well underway. In this morning’s bitcoin price analysis, we noted that action over the last few days implied plenty of further upside potential, and we set up against price with a relatively wide range accordingly. Our primary target was a breakout […]

Bitcoin Volatility Explained

The post Bitcoin Volatility Explained appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Bitcoin Price Volatility (measured by % of change) last 30 day estimate % last 60 day estimate % Defining Bitcoin Volatility Volatility refers to “how much price jumps up and down over time.” The VIX is the most widely-followed measure of volatility and serves as a […]

EEA Adds New Members to Boost Future Ethereum Innovation

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has announced that 86 new members have joined the initiative that aims to bolster innovation around the Ethereum blockchain. The EEA, founded by corporate giants such as Microsoft, Intel and BP, views the Ethereum blockchain as a potential treasure trove of innovative opportunity. Ethereum cryptocurrency founder Vitalik Buterin has praised […]

ShapeShift Introduces Prism’s Trustless Crypto Asset Portfolios

A ShapeShift Into the World of Trustless Asset Portfolios “ShapeShift” is a concept describing the ability to change form or identity to adapt to changing conditions. It is also the name of a Swiss-based company that created the world’s first trustless asset portfolio for acquiring digital assets without counterparty risk. Launched today at the blockchain […]

Op Ed: How One Investor Is Riding the Cryptocurrency Token Wave

I was yanked down the rabbit hole hard and fast when I first caught the Bitcoin Bug in late 2013. Before I even knew what a “blockchain” was I had founded what is now known as the Blockchain Education Network (then called the College Cryptocurrency Network), and was voraciously trading “altcoins.” Back then, the term […]

DAO.Casino Automates Trust in Online Gambling with Blockchain Technology

The increasing number of online gambling platforms has made it hard for people to differentiate between the ones that are genuine and those that aren’t. However, there is a solution that makes identification easier, thanks to smart contracts, blockchain technology and the level of transparency associated with them. DAO Casino is one such platform based […]