WikiLeaks Store Loses Coinbase Support, Still Processing Sales

WikiLeaks has had to find alternative solutions for its online shop. On April 20, 2018, the whistle-blowing document depository revealed in a tweet that Coinbase has shut down the WikiLeaks’ online store account. Even with  Coinbase out as a payment processor, WikiLeaks’ online shop is still able to use for cryptocurrency payments, accepting both bitcoin […]

$330 Million: EIP-999 Stokes Debate Over ETH Frozen by Parity’s Contract Bug

The debate over a controversial Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) designed to restore a self-destructed smart contract holding hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ETH is heating up. EIP-999, written by Parity Technologies developer Afri Schoedon, calls for Ethereum to adopt a software upgrade that patches the UK-based company’s frozen multi-signature wallet contract library, allowing […]

How Crypto Whales Earn Ether — 7 Strategies for Fishbank Digital Collectibles

Fishbank is a massively multiplayer game that allows collecting, growing and trading crypto fish tokens to dominate the “decentralized food chain” and win weekly contests with prizes in Ether. It is among the top 3 most popular digital collectible games standing right after the CryptoKitties in the dApp list (according to dAppRadar rating). Every fish […]

Circle Trade Increases Minimum BTC Order to $500,000

The OTC trading wing of Circle has today announced that they will increase the minimum ticket size on Bitcoin trades from $250,000 to $500,000. The news comes as something of a surprise as digital currency exchanges have reported a drop off in business from the start of the year. Despite Lull in Exchange Trading Volumes, […]

Bitcoin News Summary – Apr 23, 2018

The post Bitcoin News Summary – Apr 23, 2018 appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds. announced its acquisition by Coinbase. began under the name Their original business plan involved Bitcoin hardware projects and raised over $110 million, although their efforts did not […]

Promoted: ShoCard’s Use Cases Bring Blockchain Solutions Where They’re Most Needed

Some blockchain applications are solutions looking for problems, but there are other issues that are just begging for help from decentralized technology. Managing and authenticating identity is one of the latter. Traditional authentication processes in many industries use easily guessable identity questions, forgeable documents and unwieldy manual checks. As such, they are ripe for disruption. […]