Malta: Does Europe’s ‘Blockchain Island’ Really Live up to the Hype?

Malta. The Blockchain Island. A postage-stamp-sized nation nestled in the Mediterranean famous for its rocky coastline, Baroque cathedrals, Megalithic temples, and centuries of culture. It’s a veritable mishmash of graying British expats, luxurious hotels, exotic women, cars that drive on the left, and a host of other legacies left by the various civilizations that invaded […]

Ethereum Stablecoin Will Migrate to Upgraded Bitcoin Cash Network

DiamCoin, not to be confused with, a similar token by different folks, is intended to be a version of a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of a diamond. Each token will be pegged to the value of a millicarat of a diamond. So a thousand tokens equals 1 carat of diamond, and […]

BitPay CEO: Fidelity and Bakkt Will Drive Next Major Bitcoin Rally

The chief operating officer of global bitcoin payment service BitPay is not worried about the latest downward moves in the price of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Sonny Singh expects Bitcoin to surge towards the $15,000-$20,000 area over the next year as institutional incumbents launch blockchain-powered products. BitPay CEO Says Fidelity, Bakkt, Square, Blackrock, […]

Crypto Week In Review: Binance Makes OTC Desk Investment, Bakkt Delays Bitcoin Futures

As 2018 bids its last farewells, the crypto market has stuttered, with a majority of crypto assets establishing new year-to-date lows, leading many analysts to express their sentiment that capitulation is officially occurring. However, the peculiar performance of the market hasn’t fazed this industry’s leading constituents. Binance, for one, continued its investment spree, siphoning millions […]

Notre avis sur TransCash Mastercard

Notre avis sur TransCash Mastercard Les cartes prépayées représentent un très bon moyen de paiement pour les personnes désireuses de disposer d’une carte Visa ou Mastercard. Ces formules ne sont liées à aucun compte bancaire et offrent ainsi une flexibilité à l’usage qui n’est pas négligeable. Transcash Mastercard fait partie de ces formules prépayées et […]

One Week Later: The Latest Developments in the Bitcoin Cash Split

Bitcoin Cash, the “big block” project that forked away from the Bitcoin blockchain in August 2017, “hard forked” (split) into two different coins last week: “Bitcoin Cash ABC” (BCHABC) and “Bitcoin Cash SV” (BCHSV). One week later, the Bitcoin Cash ABC chain has accumulated more proof of work and has been “ahead” of the Bitcoin […]