Bitcoin Basics Explained: The ABCs of BTC (Q – U)

Tyrone Johnson So far in this series, Bitcoin Basics Explained: the ABCs of BTC, I have reviewed topics from “A is for Acceptability” all the way to “P is for Public.” Let’s keep exploring. Please remember that the intention is not to go into great depth but to review the basics of each topic. Q […]

GAW Miners’ Scheme is Finally Revealed

Dustin O’Bryant GAW Miners, GAW Labs, related companies, and Josh Garza are a recurring theme here.  The company, GAW Miners, started as a hardware reseller, focused on Scrypt mining, but eventually expanding to SHA256 and Bitcoin. After that, the company seemed to go off the tracks when it launched it’s cloud-mining “Hashlet”. Since that time, we […]

CoinShield: Defending the Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency industry from Scam and Clone coins

CoinShield is an innovative and potentially disruptive concept for the cryptocurrency industry and we aim to follow it closely and provide readers and the public with detailed information.  This article will be updated with new information regarding development of the core protocol and CoinShield services.  We will bring more information to light about the developers […]

CryptoBiz Magazine Issue.08, January 2015

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How Fiat Ruined My Traveling Experience

How Fiat Ruined My Traveling Experience I recently had the honor of being flown to Dubai, in order to teach blockchain technology to Nigerian government officials. With doe eyes, I hastily embarked on my journey, having forgotten the many perils of traveling from years of static living. I expected to come back writing about tall […]

fObfuscate: Hardware, Two Factor, Anonymous, Authentication for crypto wallets and more

fObsfuscate! FObfuscate is a recently announced, cloud based, identity provider making fast inroads to crypto street.  The hardware 2FAA (two factor anonymous authentication) solution offers Yubikey provisioning with a shared secret, complete activity logging, multiple & lost fob capabilities with out of band, real time, notification via SMS and / or email. Yubikey fObfuscate has chosen to […]


BITNATION GOVERNANCE 2.0 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—BITNATION ANNOUNCES BASIC INCOME APPLICATION 20th December 2014, Kumasi, Ghana: the Decentralized Application (DApp) will be hosted on the Bitnation core platform – Bitnation Pangea – after its release in 2015. will be a first experimental attempt to provide a system for a crypto based Universal Basic Income […]

Blackcoin Foundation has announced “active support” for CXC payment platform

Blackcoin Foundation announces “active support” for the CXC CheckoutCoin project – a full-featured Point-of-Sale platform for cryptocurrencies This news piece is complimentary to the article which you should read here for more info about CXC. Many people within the cryptocurrency community, particularly the Blackcoin community, were surprised when the Blackcoin Foundation announced that it will provide […]

An Analysis of the Ripple Labs FinCEN Enforcement Action

This is a guest post by Joe Ciccolo, DCC Member and CEO of BitAML. Background  The Ripple Labs settlement agreement, the first civil enforcement action brought against a digital currency exchange, demonstrates the perils of piecemeal AML compliance and delayed implementation. Last week, Ripple Labs, the popular payment system, currency exchange and remittance network, reached a […]