Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 14

Back again with another great show. On this episode we ran through a few new Coinigy features, including CryptoTicker and the Coinigy Google Sheets plugin. Explanation and demonstration of Coinigy’s Bitcoin API & Altcoin API And as usual, Bitcoin & Altcoin Technical Analysis by The Rational Investor. Don’t forget to check out the world’s foremost […]

Bitcoin Altcoin Trading Talk

Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 07 – Those Crazy Alts

Episode 07: Coinigy & The Rational Investor TheRationalInvestor joins the Coinigy team for another round of Altcoin analysis and platform updates. Coins analyzed: Bitcoin $BTC MaidSafeCoin $MAID SaffronCoin $SFR PeerCoin $PPC Litecoin $LTC Hyper $HYPER MaryJaneCoin $MARYJ Brought to you by and