Tokenbox TGE successfully finished, raising more than $7 million in total

Tokenbox team is happy to announce that the tokensale has finally come to an end, and the results are undeniably satisfying and quite promising. During the pre-sale and TGE, which took precisely 2 weeks, the project managed to raise a substantial sum of $7,334,268.

The entire amount was collected for 1593 transactions. The geographical spread of TBX tokens buyers was really broad. The leading country in terms of volume of investment was South Korea.

TBX token is about to enter the cryptocurrency exchange market within a month.

The team is pleased to admit that there are several funds and numerous traders among the investors, which means that the project of a platform for creating cryptofunds and cryptotrading is trusted and in high demand.

Vladimir Smerkis, co-founder and managing partner: “The Tokenboх team is satisfied with the quality of investors, many of them are future customers of the platform. The tokensale was in fact a pre-sale of the Tokenbox service itself to our future customers”.

First of all we invested in this project because we trust the team, because we see the success of The Token Fund. I will be very happy to use the Tokenbox platform for launching our tokenized fund in the nearest possible future”, – said one of the investors,  Emanuele Battista Ferreri, CEO EGONON SA.

The following implementation of the project will continue according to the plans.

Within the completion of TGE Tokenbox team is up to the following steps: conducting complex legal procedures and a large scale software development.  

Viktor Shapokvskiy, co-founder and managing partner of Tokenbox: “What we need to work on is the legal functionality, like creating entities that will enable issuing sub-licenses to traders and funds that want to use the platform. That is a voluminous amount of work, we have to register and obtain licenses in every market that we’re targeting, the US, Europe, Singapore, etc.”

According to the Road Map, an active development stage of the first modules of Tokenbox platform is set for the beginning of 2018.

Tokenbox team welcomes TBX holders from all over the world and looks forward to sharing a very interesting work together.


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