Unocoin Promotes BItcoin and Signs Up Users at CeBIT India

Unocoin, the Indian bitcoin platform based out of Bangalore participated in the Indian edition of CeBIT 2015. Originally started in Germany, CeBIT is a globally renowned electronics and information technology expo. The annual main event is held in Hanover, Germany. Apart from the original annual event, there are other CeBIT braded events held in China, Australia, Turkey, United States and India.

This year, the Indian edition of CeBIT was a three-day event hosted in Bangalore. The event was held from 29 to 31 October at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC) and as expected, it garnered a lot of attention from tech community and also had many companies from across the globe attending the event. Among all the stalls at the expo, one company stood out. Yes, that was Unocoin. The alumni of Boost VC was seen spreading awareness and promoting bitcoin at the event.

According to reports, Unocoin managed to get close to 1000 people signed up for its bitcoin service. All new users who signed up at CeBIT event received INR 200 worth in bitcoin as a signing up gift. Unocoin has been operating in India for over two years now. Since its inception, the company has played an important role in actively promoting bitcoin in the country along with other bitcoin startups.

Unocoin is also one of the important member of Bitcoin India Alliance, a consortium of bitcoin companies, legal advisors and more who are actively involved in promoting industry-government interactions. Unocoin has signed up 10 merchants in Bangalore enabling them to accept bitcoin payments.

The list of merchants signed up with Unocoin includes Sapna Book House, a leading book store chain along with eTravelSmart, Tecdoc 365, FlightShop, Fashiondiva, Cybrels and IndSoft. The company has strategic partnership with and BTCJam.

A lot of people think that bitcoin is complicated and one should have some kind of technical expertise to use it. At the same time, some people still associate bitcoin with illegal drugs (thanks to Silk Road). However, with proper education and awareness it can be easily overcome.

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