Trust Disrupted: TechCrunch Premieres Bitcoin and Blockchain Video Series

On October 10, TechCrunch a leading technology site that profiles startups as well as hot internet trends and tech news, premiered its first ever series on Bitcoin and the blockchain. Hosted by New York Times reporter and author of Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money Nathaniel […]

Russian Finance Minister Doesn’t Think Bitcoin is That Bad

Can’t anyone in Russia make up their minds about bitcoin? Yesterday we reported that Russian authorities restricted access to trading site LocalBitcoins. For years, regulators have sworn to make bitcoin usage criminal, ensuring that any user would be hit with fines or a jail sentence depending on the “level of offense.” Now, it appears some […]

ViaBTC Announces Support for Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Unlimited, the fork of Bitcoin blockchain is receiving a lot of support lately. Soon after mining pool announced its support to Bitcoin Unlimited, another mining pool, ViaBTC has followed suit. ViaBTC, which claimed itself to be the fifth largest Bitcoin mining pool on Twitter recently has allocated its full hashing power to mine […]

ICO Token Sale Bonanza Raises Legal, Moral and Practical Questions

Millions have been raised in minutes over the past few weeks as new business models form on top of Ethereum. However, even while the network was under DoS and Vitalik called for a temporary pause, some rushed through their token sale. What are, therefore, the legal, practical and moral implications of this rising trend? It […]

Bitcoin Exhibit Hosted at the Smithsonian Museum

Bitcoin has been included in its own section within the Value of Money exhibit showcase by the Numismatic Association at the Smithsonian Museum, for the National Numismatic Collection. There’s a general description of cryptocurrencies, along with a picture of the exchange rate of bitcoin to/from USD for the year 2014, considered by mainstream media to […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Bulls In Control!

So the day has now drawn to a close, and it’s time to have a look at how our bitcoin price watch strategy performed throughout the European session, and adapt to its influence on our strategy for tonight’s session. Earlier today, we noted that price had finally pushed through its long term range under the […]

Bitcoin Price Rally Looks to Have Legs

Today, we will take yet one more look at the long term, 8-day candle chart of BTC, per Kraken. We looked at a bull setup from the Jan 2015 over the weekend and saw indications that BTC will likely be in a bull market through the end of the year. Then yesterday we looked at […]