Gavin Wood Calls for a Quick Ethereum Hardfork to Fix Dos Attacks

Gavin Wood, founder of Ethcore, maintainers of Parity, Ethereum’s second most used client, has called for a hardfork stating that it would instantly fix “the underlying flaws that the attacker is exploiting.” For more than two weeks Ethereum has been undergoing a number of Dos attacks which exploit an underlying flaw: “EVM operations are grossly […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Profits On The Cards!

So that’s the day over, and it’s time to take our final look at the bitcoin price for this half of the week. Things have been slow so far this week, and the only real moves have come as the US session draws to a close and – shortly after – the Asian session kicks […]

Dubai to Transfer 100% of Government Documents on Blockchain by 2020

Blockchain technology is growing beyond mainstream banking and financial sectors. As forecasted, the distributed ledger technology is now being adopted by the governments as well. Leading the initiative is the Government of United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai. According to reports, the financial capital of UAE, Dubai will soon be using blockchain technology for all government […]

Island of Jersey to Regulate Cryptocurrency

The island of Jersey is a pleasant, tranquil place known for its rocky beaches, soothing waves, and oh yeah… It’s loose tax regulations and growing Fintech arena. Over the past two years, arrays of financial and tech-related companies have looked to Jersey as a potential home thanks to its limited regulations regarding bitcoin and digital […]

UBS COO: Blockchain to Gain Mainstream Adoption in Two or Three Years

As the banks and financial institutions from across the world shows interest in Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology, one particular bank, UBS has gone extra lengths to make the distributed ledger technology work for banking operations. The global investment bank based out of Zurich, Switzerland is exploring the use of blockchain technology to create smart bonds, […]

Lawyers Unite to Aid Digital Currency Users Face Legal Issues

  A newly formed coalition of over 50 prominent lawyers in the United States will help digital currency users – individuals – who are unable to afford legal services, with pro bono attorney referrals. A new coalition, called the Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition (DCLDC), will help individuals facing legal concerns pertaining to digital […]