Virtual Currencies and Ponzi Schemes in Vietnam

Virtual currency trading is a lucrative activity, which comes with its own risks. If not chosen properly, the trading and investment platforms themselves may pose a much greater risk than the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies. The increasing number of virtual currency based Ponzi schemes that promise huge returns have got law enforcement agencies concerned. These […]

Potential Ross Ulbricht Retrial Will Focus On Reducing His Life Sentence

Ever since Ross Ulbricht was convicted to life in prison, there has been some significant backlash over this decision. In fact, his defense lawyer continues to question the credibility of the collected evidence. Moreover, two corrupted former law enforcement agents were involved in this case as well.  Right now, a three-judge panel is contemplating the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Monero (Buying, Trading, Mining)

The post A Beginner’s Guide to Monero (Buying, Trading, Mining) appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. In the wake of Monero’s recent adoption by the Alphabay and Oasis Darknet markets and the subsequent price explosion, Monero is undeniably the market’s preferred choice of “anon coin,” or anonymity-focused cryptocurrency: TradingView Monero (market symbol: XMR) chart, priced in […]

European Parliament Document Suggests Future of Democracy Linked to Blockchain-Enabled E-Voting

Regardless of one’s opinions about the outcome, the recent Brexit referendum in the UK should be considered a welcome example of direct democracy. In fact, letting the citizens express their preference on important issues, bypassing the intermediation of politicians, is often desirable. Why, then, isn’t direct democracy used more often? One reason is that it […]

GemOS: Automating the Healthcare Industry Using Blockchain

On October 4, at the Distributed: Health conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Gem CEO and co-founder Micah Winkelspecht announced the deployment of the GemOS platform, and introduced an initial proof of concept for the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) pilot project that runs on the platform. This customized use of the GemOS blockchain was created to demonstrate […]

Hashed Health Partners With Martin Ventures to Propel Healthcare Industry Into the “Blockchain Age”

Hashed Health, a new collaborative healthcare innovation company, has announced a major partnership with Martin Ventures, a global leader in healthcare and technology initiative investment. Its mission is to bring together leading healthcare enterprises in order to advance distributed ledger solutions that address the unique issues and regulatory regimes of the healthcare industry. In a […]

Red Bull Pushes the Envelope with a Bitcoin-Only Vending Machine

Attendees at this weekend’s Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis were able to buy Red Bull from a vending machine using bitcoin. The three-day hacking congress sponsored by the Institute of Cryptoanarchy was held in Holešovice, near Prague. The vending machine at the hackers congress is one of several concepts that Red Bull has come up with […]

IBM Invests $200 Million in Watson IoT Blockchain Development

IBM has invested $200 million USD in the Watson Internet of Things (IoT) global headquarters in Munich, Germany, including new IoT capabilities related to blockchain. IBM will support Watson IoT Technologies efforts to deliver insights from billions of sensors in cars, drones, machines, ball bearings, equipment and even hospitals, according to a press release. The […]

Billionaire Bill Gross Thinks Bitcoin Looks Better Every Day

Billionaire bond manager Bill Gross believes most investors are shying away from low-interest central banks and turning to bitcoin. As a new era of financial innovation falls upon us, fiat currencies from the pound to the ruble and even the yuan and U.S. dollar have fallen in value, and many simply don’t believe they’re capable […]