Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What’s On Tonight

So the day has drawn to a close, and it’s been a bit dull. Some days, action in the bitcoin price is flat and we don’t manage to get in to any real breakout entries. Friday was a bit like that, and with action over the weekend spiking through support, we went into today’s session […]

Don’t Care for Bitcoin, Only Blockchain, Says MasterCard President for Operations & Technology

Rob Reeg, president for operations and technology at multinational payments giant Mastercard has revealed that while the company is invested in blockchain technology, he doesn’t care for Bitcoin. The global payments landscape is primarily dominated by Visa and MasterCard, in that order. In a time where a disruptive new innovation like Bitcoin has already scaled […]

Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload 2 / Bitcache Fundraiser Only Accepts Bitcoin

Potentially in an effort to avoid any censorship or seizure of funds to get his new project off the ground, Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload2 and Bitcache funding round at Bnk to the Future is only accepting Bitcoin.   While most investments on the platform allow for investments in various currencies, to invest in Megaupload 2 and […]

Why Bitcoin Mining Pools Aren’t Incentivized to Broadcast Blocks Quickly

It is generally accepted that latency in block propagation is one of the bottlenecks for Bitcoin scaling. This is why many of Bitcoin’s most active developers and researchers have presented a series of solutions to compress blocks and speed up propagation over the past years. It is not as well known that these solutions may […]

Synereo and NFX Guild Launch Strategic Partnership to Build a Decentralized Internet

In a major step forward for collaboration in building decentralized apps on blockchain technology, NFX Guild, a Silicon Valley startup accelerator and Tel Aviv-based blockchain tech company Synereo have signed a partnership agreement to build an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) on Synereo’s Blockchain 2.0 platform. The proposed “decentralized internet” will use Synereo’s own blockchain […]

Brave Browser Team To Issue First Bitcoin Payments Later Today

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the up-and-coming Brave browser. With a very innovative business model and Bitcoin integration, this piece of software can shake up online advertising like never before. A new version of the Brave browser lets users contribute to websites directly while blocking ads. The first payouts are scheduled to […]

How Blockchain Would Improve Governance of Charities

Given the important role that charities and not-for-profit organizations play in society, the benefits of blockchain technology have just as much relevance to this sector of the economy as any other. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), a U.K.-based organization, has taken a pioneering role in exploring how blockchain technology can improve the governance of charities […]

New Darknet Analytics Toolkit Can Threaten Bitcoin Pseudonymity

Although the darknet is often touted as the place to be for criminals who want to keep their identity private, there are some caveats. New research goes to show hackers tend to resort to specific patterns in communication on the deep web. Looking closer at these models may lead to detecting illicit behavior at an […]

BitScan Launches an ICO for Its ‘Incent’ Blockchain Loyalty Rewards Token

Bitcoin Press Release: The two month-long ICO for blockchain based Incent loyalty rewards token goes live today. October 1, 2016, Sydney Australia – BitScan announces the launch of its crowdfunding initiative for the new blockchain loyalty token, Incent through an ICO. Starting October 1, 2016, at 00:01 (GMT), the ICO will go on until 23:59 […]