Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 39

Streamed live on Oct 5, 2016 Join The Rational Investor and the Coinigy team as they discuss the latest news and hot investments in the digital currency world. Discussion Timestamps: 4:10 – Augur/REP (BoT @8:00 Parking Garage @18:05 back to Augur/REP @24:30) 33:02 – Coinigy updates 37:35 – BTC (BoT @45:40) 54:50 – JWL 1:06:05 […]

Caricoin Looks to Jamaica for its New Home

London-based Caricoin is looking to open a new bitcoin exchange in Jamaica, and negotiating with the country’s primary bank for support. Banks and digital currency have had a rocky relationship. On one hand, the Bank of England is swearing to create their own virtual currency in the near future. At the same time, figures like […]

Amazon to Include Stream+ Virtual Currency on Twitch Platform

In its early days, Bitcoin was considered as an in-game currency. Even though Bitcoin turned out to be much more than that, the in-game virtual currencies represent a huge market in their own right. The fact is now reiterated by Amazon with the launch of Stream+, a virtual currency for Twitch game streaming platform. The […]

Bitcoin Regulations, Not a Hard Nut to Crack

The increasing usage of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in today’s economy is posing a challenge to the governments. With the current legal and regulatory environment set to address the issues related to conventional economic systems, governments are still stuck at finding ways to include digital currencies and distributed ledger systems into it. According to George […]

Federal Reserve Governor: Blockchains “Genuinely Innovative” and Transformative

Lael Brainard, Federal Reserve Governor, made the case this Friday for blockchain technology in a speech delivered at the Institute of International Finance Annual Meeting announcing a “working group that is engaged in a 360-degree analysis of financial innovation across the broad range of our responsibilities” as well as a paper to be published later […]

What Could Legislation Do for Bitcoin in the US?

A section of US Democrat and Republican congressmen now agree to something about cryptocurrencies: the need for them, as lawmakers, to know more about what it is. According to U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney, most of the lawmakers do not know the difference between bitcoin and the blockchain technology hence the formation of the bipartisan Blockchain […]

Has the Oasis run dry? Anatomy of a Dark Net Market Exit Scam

For anyone familiar with the dark net markets on the Deep Web, exit scams – the sudden disappearance of a market’s website and forum without any legitimate explanation, along with the bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency held in escrow, such as a hacking, DDoS attack, or seizure by law enforcement – are a risk one […]