Bitcoin Price Watch; Closing In On The Weekend

Well, things haven’t quite played out as we might have hoped they would this morning. Things were a little flatter today that we’d thought they were going to be, and the bitcoin price is currently trading a little bit down on the region we were looking at a little earlier on. That doesn’t mean our […]

Axis Bank Facilitates Banned Banknote Money Laundering In India

The banknote ban in India is causing some rather unexpected results. Axis Bank’s Noida branch suffered from a similar incident as what happened to Wells Fargo customer not took long ago. Bank employees opened fictitious bank accounts to deposit a lot of money, allowing them to bypass the current demonetisation plans. Banks remain the perfect […]

Ether Camp’s Virtual Accelerator to Incubate Startups using Blockchain Technology

Ether Camp, the organizer of the biggest hackathon in the blockchain space is up with its second edition. The Virtual Accelerator (VA) was launched with the intent of providing transparent and true acceleration to blockchain developers around the world. Transparency is the key for the Virtual Accelerator. There are different ‘camps’ of developers from around the world participating in it. The developers of various ‘camps’ work […]

Bitcoin Miner Review: The AvalonMiner 721 (Avalon 7) – Is it Worth it?

The post Bitcoin Miner Review: The AvalonMiner 721 (Avalon 7) – Is it Worth it? appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. In a very unusual move, Avalon, the company that first introduced ASIC chips to Bitcoin mining has released a new miner to the market. The AvalonMiner 721 (or more commonly known as Avalon 7) seems […]

Combining Gold Assets With the Blockchain: Britain’s Royal Mint and Vaultoro

News of the recent collaboration between Britain’s Royal Mint and Chicago-based derivatives exchange CME Group has renewed conversations regarding the intersection between blockchain technology and gold assets. This relationship has led to the creation of an innovative and cost-effective approach to the trading, executing and settling of gold transactions worldwide. Scheduled to launch in 2017, […]

Closed, Private Blockchains Are Incompatible With Electronic Cash: Coin Center

A new report from Coin Center examines the “blockchain” buzzword to help regulators avoid all the noise and get down to the implications of the various financial technologies that have been inspired by Bitcoin. In the report, which was authored by Coin Center’s Peter Van Valkenburgh, permissionless blockchains are described as essential to the future […]