Ethereum Classic Forges New Path; Revamped Monetary Policy Could Be Next

Born as a rebellion against Ethereum’s hard fork to retrieve funds from The DAO after it was “hacked” last summer, Ethereum Classic has increasingly formed a unique identity since. The continuation of the “original,” pre-fork Ethereum project seems to be letting go of plans as established by the Ethereum Foundation, and instead navigates a distinct path forward. The development community around […]

Bitcoin ATMs in the U.S. See Continued Growth

ATMs are arguably one of the most convenient inventions around. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can walk into a store or bank somewhere and withdraw cash without the long transaction process invoked by a teller. It’s a simple system, yet somehow manages to make all the difference in one’s day. […]

Bitcoin Price Watch; Both Strategies In Play

So that is another day of trading done and out of the way, and there’s not a huge amount to discuss. The bitcoin price ranged pretty solidly throughout the early half of the day, and this has given us a pretty decent range to work with. We’ll use the range to go at price with […]

Credicorp Becomes First Spanish-Speaking Latin American Member Of R3 Consortium

Ever since some of the R3 consortium’s founders left the table, things have been somewhat quiet. But there is still a lot of confidence in this joint blockchain collaboration structure. Peruvian financial services company Credicorp is the first Spanish-speaking Latin American member of the consortium. A positive development for R3 and its members. Expanding the […]