Ad Campaign for Winklevoss-Led Crypto Exchange Gemini Raises Eyebrows

Gemini has an advertisement on a New York sidewalk that’s got people talking on Crypto Twitter. Rules like mathematics? Sure. Crypto needs that. Rules like "KYC AML licencing taxation Patriot Act bitlicense bullshit?" No. Crypto doesn't need that. — Nick Foley (@BookofNick) January 4, 2019 Former Coinbase support representative and Bitcoin enthusiast Nick Foley […]

Ethereum Extends Impressive Run, up 35% in 1 Week: Factors and Trends

In the past week, Ethereum, the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the global market, has experienced a strong upward movement, recording an additional three percent increase in value on the day. Within seven days, the Ethereum price has increased from $117 to $159, by over 35 percent against the U.S. dollar, making it one of […]

Netflix of Blockchain: MTonomy Brings Streaming Video to Ethereum

CCN had a chance to talk to Arjun Mendhi of MTonomy. MTonomy is a Netflix, Google Play, or Amazon Prime experience for Ethereum users. Based in Cambridge, MTonomy went live this week. Part of their team come from the MIT Media lab’s Digital Currency Initiative, which a number of famous Bitcoin developers have worked through, […]

Crypto Markets Drop Slightly, Further Losses May Be Needed to Spark Rally

The crypto markets have extended yesterday’s losses into today, with most major cryptocurrencies trading down slightly at the time of writing. Bitcoin and Ethereum have both established levels of resistance over the past few days and are continuing to respect those levels. Although the markets are expressing some levels of stability around their current price levels, […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Range-Bound Market Coiled for Next Move

For the better part of a month and a half, bitcoin has been fairly range-bound and unable to establish new lows or new highs. There are some bullish and bearish setups on the horizon for bitcoin, so let’s check out both sides of the argument because currently the market is sitting in the middle of […]

San Francisco’s “Bitcoin Mafia”: How Bitcoin Started in the City on the Bay

The early Bitcoin community in San Francisco was originally comprised of revolutionaries: Individuals who believed in the freedom and opportunity that a permissionless distributed system would bring the world. We were widely regarded as unsavory and unpopular. Most people associated bitcoin with drugs, money laundering, and the dark web. On dates, dinner parties at friends […]

Neutrino: A Privacy-Preserving Light Wallet Protocol

Lightning is all the rage these days and, while it's an exciting development, users currently have to have a full node running in order to transact in it. In this article, I'm going to introduce Neutrino, a new protocol for light clients to get the data that they need while preserving privacy and without trusting […]