Telegram Completes Second ICO, Raising $1.7 Billion, a Third ICO May Be on the Horizon

Telegram Group Inc., the encrypted messaging platform, has completed its second initial coin offering (ICO) — the world’s largest — bringing the amount raised to $1.7 billion. The ICO was held to help establish the Telegram Open Network (TON), a “fast, scalable, and user-friendly” cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. In addition to the $850 million Telegram […]

Newegg Extends Bitcoin Payment Option to Customers From Canada 

Newegg, a leading online retailer of computer hardware and consumer electronics in North America, announced that is accepting bitcoin from Canada customers. Newegg Accepts Bitcoin From Customers in Canada The company started accepting bitcoin payments from its U.S. customers in August 2014, but the cryptocurrency market has grown into a trendy asset class since then. The bitcoin option used to represent only a small stream of […]

NAGA to Revolutionize the Financial Markets & Stock Trading

Many financial technology companies have recognized the potential of cryptocurrencies and have adopted the mainstream ones to be offered as an investment option. The NAGA Group has always been enthusiastic about harnessing the blockchain potential for financial markets. Being a fully functional, publicly traded company, the NAGA Group aims to introduce a trading world that […]

Minds Wants to Offer a Blockchain-Based Alternative to Facebook

The decentralized social media platform Minds is making moves to implement the Ethereum blockchain into its core features. After launching in 2015, has quickly grown to one million registered accounts and over 73 million unique page views. Now, the project is taking decentralization even further with the launch of the Minds Crypto Social Network. […]

SKYFchain: Communication with Drones Made Reliable

The logistics industry in 2018 is a field hungry for innovations. Its main problem is still the human labor: not only is it pricey, but it is also not productive. That’s why Amazon has started using drones in their storehouses as they are more efficient and way cheaper in the long run. In Russia, SKYF […]

Why Token Curated Registries Could Become the Lists of the Future

People have a fetish for lists: frequent versus infrequent; business versus personal. There are grocery lists, to-do lists, bucket lists, Oscar nomination lists, top charts, top movies and top restaurants. By utilizing blockchain technology, token-curated registries (TCRs), that is, decentralized lists created with underlying economic incentives, have the potential to increase the accuracy and governance […]