Bitcoin News Summary – Mar 26, 2018

The post Bitcoin News Summary – Mar 26, 2018 appeared first on 99 Bitcoins. Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.       Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey stated that “Bitcoin will become the world’s single currency in 10 years or fewer”. Dorsey and the companies he heads have reflected […]

Trump Bans Petro, a Pacquiao ICO and the Caribbean Goes Crypto: Week in Review

What happened in crypto this week? Price Watch Bitcoin is up 16% this week to $9,000. This comes as part of an increase across the entire cryptocurrency market. It’s also likely the result of higher trading volumes. Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee made a price prediction of  Bitcoin reaching $91,000 by March 28, 2020. Morgan Stanley likened Bitcoin […]

Zimbabwe’s only Crypto Exchange Aims for a National Digital Revolution

Cryptocurrency exchanges currently serve as the ideal gateway for entry into the ecosystem and therefore the designated channel of adoption into the mainstream. The effect of these exchanges in the financial solutions industry is obvious in a number of areas. Payments and clearance, remittances, operations and several other aspects have experienced one form of intervention […]

Santander Confirms Ripple-based Cross-border Payments are Coming “Soon”

Ripple has made a lot of headlines over the past 18 months. The company is intent on disrupting the financial sector with digital ledgers and its XRP asset. Santander has confirmed they will carry out cross-border payments with Ripple’s technology this year. Another Notch in the Belt of Ripple Various financial service providers have taken […]

GDPR: A Game Changer Is Coming for Cryptocurrency

The EU has finally come out with an approved framework for how corporations should handle user data. Although this are quite good news for people generally, I can also see it as a massive blow for so many altcoins. Trust me when I say there is an enormous storm coming. GDPR – What’s Important to […]

Altcoins Continue to Benefit From the So-called “South Korea Effect”

South Korean trading platforms affect cryptocurrency valuations in many different ways. Not just because of the premium trading value, but also the sheer volume in general. It is evident getting listed in South Korea is the main priority for altcoins these days. Their value tends to soar when it happens, regardless of working tech under […]

Exenium: Chatbot Trading Platform with a Difference

The cryptocurrency industry has undergone a lot of improvements in the past few years. But at the same time, there is a lot to be desired, at least when considering the exchanges. Most of the centralized exchanges are prone to various threats, both external and internal, putting the user funds and even private information at […]

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Online Ads, Exchanges and Lightning

Following last weeks news from Lightning Labs about the first beta release of the “Lightning” protocol for Bitcoin, Stellar announced that they will be integrating Lightning. In other announcements, the rise of decentralized exchanges continues with news from Kyber and Binance launching their decentralized exchanges. Google and Twitter appear to be following Facebook’s lead in […]