Bitcoin Block Chain Forking

The BIP66 update was meant to align miners on stricter cryptographic signatures through a form of block chain Democracy. As part of the BIP rules, once 950 of the past 1,000 blocks upgraded to the newer version all miners would older version blocks. This morning the network met that goal and a small, non-upgraded miner […]

Bitcoin Price Looking To Greece This Weekend

The current Bitcoin price correction, since the 30 June high around $265 and 1665 CNY, has been tracing a path similar to the previous 17-25 June correction. Should the market take this pattern to its logical conclusion, we can expect another advancing wave and for trade to take price to a new high. However, alternate […]

LocalBitcoins Trading Up, Bitcoin Going Mainstream?

Many people use LocalBitcoins for many reasons, but lately its volume has increased a lot. This, of course, brings up the question of what it means for Bitcoin. Is Bitcoin going mainstream, are people stocking up for a coming increase, or is LocalBitcoins one of the more convenient places to sell bitcoins these days? It’s […]