Government of Jersey Publishes Consultation Paper on Risks and Regulation for Digital Currencies

The government of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, has published a consultation paper on the risks and regulations for virtual currencies, including bitcoin. The report will be similar to that of Financial Action Task Force previously covered by Bitcoin Magazine. However, the government of Jersey is engaging in a public virtual currency consultation […]

Nasdaq Dives Deeper into Bitcoin Research and Blockchain Partnerships

In May, Bitcoin Magazine reported that the leading stock exchange Nasdaq would begin experimenting with the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin. In June, Nasdaq announced a partnership with San Francisco-based Bitcoin API startup Chain to implement the first blockchain technology pilot projects in Nasdaq Private Market, a recently launched marketplace that handles pre-IPO trading among […]

Airbitz Gets $450,000 Cash Injection from Block26

Block26, a new venture capital firm with eyes on the “block chain market,” has made its first selection, leading an expected 1.25 million dollar seed funding round for the San Diego-based Airbitz mobile Bitcoin wallet. Readers may be familiar with the wallet, which won first place in the start up competition earlier this year in […]

New Bitcoin Center Opens in Chicago

Another of America’s major cities will now have its own Bitcoin Center, opening today in Chicago after an announcement at the Inside Bitcoins Conference happening there now. The effort is funded in part by Tally Capital, a local venture capital firm that sees the potential of block chain technology. The new center will be located […]

Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Claim Deadline Extended

Those who lost money in the Mt. Gox implosion and would like to get some or all of it back have been given an extension to file their claim with the failed exchange’s bankruptcy advocate. It is unclear what effect making a bankruptcy claim through the online method will have for customers who are seeking […]

New Bitcoin Short Film – Finding Satoshi Nakamoto

The existence of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founding programmer behind the Bitcoin project, has long interested artists and writers of all genres. In the below short film produced by Mike Anzel, a real-life Satoshi Nakamoto is sought after in much the same way he is “hunted” in last year’s comic, The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto. […]