Bitcoin Wallet Company Xapo Gets a Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Bitcoin wallet company Xapo lost their bid to dismiss a breach of contract lawsuit slapped on five of its employees. This lawsuit was filed by LifeLock, which is seeking damages from defendants including Xapo CEO Wences Casares and COO Federico Murrone. According to LifeLock, the defendants did not disclose the “nature and extent” of their role in developing […]

Leaders in Decentralized Technology Hold DEC_TECH 2.0 Event Tonight in Toronto

Decentral and the Ethereum Meetup Group are holding their second Decentralized Tech event tonight at the MaRS Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The topics for the evening are the imminent release of Ethereum, the increase in people buying and selling bitcoin in Canada, and the variety of venture capital in the space. “Over 300 people attended […]

I/O Digital to Release World’s First Decentralized Identity SideChain For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: I/O Digital sets to release the first ever decentralized identity sidechain using a distributed  blockchain based DNS system. This system, known as DIONS (Decentralized I/O Name Server) will utilize the I/O Digital blockchain to attach sensitive identity credentials to a specific Bitcoin (XBT) or I/O Coin (IOC) address. The system allows for […]

Cape Town Incubator Launches Bitcoin Crowdfunding Platform

RLabs, a Cape Town-based social impact incubator has launched a bitcoin crowdfunding platform, mToto, to allow users to fund projects using bitcoin. mToto, which translates to “child” in Swahili, is a bitcoin initiative between Uusi and RLabs which aims to help underserved education and health centers in under-resourced communities in South Africa and to develop […]

Varoufakis Speaks Out Against Greek Bailout Agreement Reached by EU Leaders

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who resigned after the Greek referendum on July 5 in a surprising move interpreted as a conciliatory move toward Greece’s creditors, gave his first interview after his resignation, and before the announcement of the deal between Greece and European Union (EU) leaders. Speaking to The New Statesman, Varoufakis expressed […]

Hacking Team Targeted Bitcoin Wallets

According to a report from Ars Technica, the Italian company Hacking Team developed a piece of software called Money Module that specifically targeted cryptocurrency wallets in addition to other financial files. It looked for the wallet.dat file on the hard drive and if it found it, relayed it back to the owner of the license […]

Bitcoin Price: Is The Advance About To Reverse?

The Bitcoin price advance is curving upward above $300 and 1900 CNY. The advance is so persistent that the technical indicators in the intra-day charts have become somewhat meaningless due to compounding divergence. Technical analysis considers the likelihood of a surprise reversal, as opposed to non-stop advance. This analysis is provided by with a […]

Bitcoin Wallet and Exchange Coin Cafe Refuses Backpage Users

Coin Cafe is meant to be an easy way to buy and hold bitcoins, but they apparently do not like people attempting to use bitcoins at the free classifieds provider After the problems that the website had in the last several weeks, with all of its other merchant processing accounts closed, Bitcoin has garnered […]