Criminal Case Against Bitcoin Trader in Colorado Dropped

Following charges filed by the US Attorney’s Office against Burt Wagner for operating an unlicensed money transmitting business in the state of Colorado in late 2014, the criminal case has been dismissed by a district court judge. Wagner faced up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if found guilty. However, Judge William […]

Luxury Smartwatch Manufacturer Kairos Begins Accepting Bitcoin, Offers Discounts

Hybrid smartwatch manufacturer, Kairos, has partnered with global Bitcoin payment processor BitPay to accept bitcoin for their smartwatches and wearable devices. The dual US-South Korean company have come a long since launching their idea earlier last year, and have now raised over $2m in pre-sales from their website alone in order to deliver on the […]

The Texas Bullion Depository Challenges the Federal Reserve System

In mid-June, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law HB 483, paving the way for Texas to repatriate $1 billion in gold from an underground vault in Manhattan operated by HSBC bank, bringing it home to be stored in a yet-to-be-built Texas Bullion Depository, reports HNGN, which also speculated whether this is the first step […]

I/O Digital to Release World’s First Decentralized Identity SideChain For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: I/O Digital sets to release the first ever decentralized identity sidechain using a distributed  blockchain based DNS system. This system, known as DIONS (Decentralized I/O Name Server) will utilize the I/O Digital blockchain to attach sensitive identity credentials to a specific Bitcoin (XBT) or I/O Coin (IOC) address. The system allows for […]

EU Court Rules Against VAT for Bitcoin Exchanges

The European Union’s Court of Justice Advocate reached a decision today on the validity of value-added taxation for Bitcoin trading. After careful consideration of arguments from Estonia, Germany, Sweden, and members of the European Bitcoin industry including David Hedqvist, the court decided that the acquisition of Bitcoin was not a taxable event in the eyes […]

Factom Team Launches Release Candidate One, Calls for Test Participation

Having recently reached its seed-round fundraising goal of $1 million on Bnk to the Future with Factom Inc., their sister entity the Factom Foundation has now launched a Release Candidate One (RC1), a critical step for launching the Factom network. In a blog post on the Factom site, the company is calling on developers and interested participants […]

Bitcoin Altcoin Trading Talk

Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 07 – Those Crazy Alts

Episode 07: Coinigy & The Rational Investor TheRationalInvestor joins the Coinigy team for another round of Altcoin analysis and platform updates. Coins analyzed: Bitcoin $BTC MaidSafeCoin $MAID SaffronCoin $SFR PeerCoin $PPC Litecoin $LTC Hyper $HYPER MaryJaneCoin $MARYJ Brought to you by and