Mike Tyson Knocks on the Bitcoin Industry’s Doors

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion Michael Gerard Tyson, better known as Mike Tyson has decided to enter into the Bitcoin ring. Yesterday, Mike Tyson tweeted about his upcoming Bitcoin venture on Twitter. Mike Tyson intends to outdo his fastest knock out in the boxing ring by 10 seconds with his new bitcoin ATM venture. […]

Bitcoin Price Advance Pauses – $300 Remains a Target

Bitcoin price was sold off after a local wave high was made to a 4.618 Fib level just above $291. A price correction is now being traded below $290 and it could see retracement to $285. Technical analysis looks at significant levels in the chart, as well as potential paths of price during the coming […]

Security Breach for UK Bitcoin Vendor Exposes Customer Data

CoinCut, a bitcoin vendor based in the UK, recently suffered a security breach that exposed customer information. Visitors on the company’s website could view customer data that included images of passports, IDs, and credit cards. Since then the site has been offline while the company works with authorities to investigate the matter. “We’re trying to […]

Podcast Episode 14: Zero Confirmation Bitcoin Transactions with Josh Cincinnati

This episode features Josh Cincinnati, the developer advocate for BlockCypher, a block chain solutions firm. BlockCypher serves ShapeShift.io and their “Confidence Factor” is the reason that ShapeShift is able to process transactions with as little as zero confirmations. Recently this backfired, but Cincinnati says this is to be expected — it is mitigation, not elimination. […]

Nocks: A Multi-Featured Bitcoin Payments Platform

There are already plenty of bitcoin payments platforms in existence and Nocks seeks to differentiate itself from the rest by introducing an agile and multi-featured aspect. Dutch entrepreneurs Roel Buerra and Patrick Kivits wanted to come up with a platform that was intuitive to learn and friendly to novices. Nocks is a tool that lets users […]