Benjamin Lawsky: ‘I’m Doing No Work in the Digital Currency Space’

The former superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and the creator of the much maligned BitLicense revealed today that he’s not working in the digital currency space. “I’m doing no work in the digital currency space,” said Benjamin Lawsky at the America Banker Conference in New York City. “The rules are clear,” Lawsky […]

Settling the Block Size Debate

This is a guest post by Eric Lombrozo, the Co-CEO and CTO of Ciphrex Corp., a software company pioneering decentralized consensus network technology. Lombrozo is also a founding member of the CryptoCurrency Security Standards Steering Committee and has been a longtime contributor to the open source Bitcoin core development effort. Introduction In the last few months, a […]

China Stock Market Resumes Crash

China’s Shanghai Composite Index crashed through support on Monday and resumed decline as investors could not sell Chinese company stocks fast enough. Deja Vu CNBC eloquently reports that, following three weeks of relative stability in mainland markets, Monday saw the Shanghai Composite Index resume decline in its worst one-day drop in eight years. Readers will […]

Bitcoin Price: FOMC And US Rates Increase

Yesterday’s Bitcoin price move had pulled down to a local support floor near $286 (Bitstamp) and immediately began building a base for another wave of advance. With the prospect of an FOMC statement confirming US rates increases, tomorrow, the price chart should show a strong upside reaction between now and Wednesday evening. This analysis is […]

OneBit Swipe-to-Pay NFC Bitcoin Payment System Enters Alpha Testing

Readers may recall our interview with Toby Hoenisch, the CEO of OneBit, which uses near-field communication technology to utilize the MasterCard payment network with a cell phone application. A user with OneBit can pay anywhere the MasterCard swipe system is in use, using Bitcoin. For many, an application like this will change the conversation regarding […]

NewsBTC to Provide Bitcoin News Services in Russian

Popular Bitcoin news and analysis service NewsBTC has announced to expand into the Russian territory. The website is currently working on plans to address its widely growing Russian-speaking reader base around the globe, and believes to lead the pack towards an informative and updated platform about the digital currency sector. NewsBTC sincerely understands the current […]

Bitcoin Shows the Way for Creating a Sustainable Local Economy

When launched, Bitcoin was considered to be some kind of a virtual in-game currency, similar to those used in Second Life and other video games. As time progressed the world realized the true potential of bitcoin and it also gave rise to other wannabees which are now better known as altcoins. Bitcoin has been gaining […]

One of the World’s Largest Mutual Fund with $2 Trillion AUM Wants to Trademark FIDELITYCOIN

FMR LLC, which is the parent company of Fidelity Investments, has filed with the US Patent Office and Trademark Office to trademark “FIDELITYCOIN.” Application number 86699431 concerns “financial services, namely, financial exchange services for virtual currency; electronic wallets; charitable services in the nature of virtual currency.” The trademark application was not made known to CCN […]