Time For Plan Bitcoin? Barclays to Close Certain Cypriot and Greek Accounts

British bank Barclays has confirmed they will be implementing new requirements for account holders living in certain other parts of Europe, particularly Cyprus and Greece, which have both experienced significant economic turmoil in recent times. The bank’s new requirement is a minimum balance of €100,000 for account holders residing in these zones, or else they’ll […]

New York Court Rejects Facebook Bid to Stop Search Warrants

As it stands now, it is crystal clear that Facebook Inc. has failed in its bid to stop the biggest search warrant ever received by the company. This came to fruition as a result of a court ruling in New York. The ruling has the potential of mitigating the volume of information social media sites […]

12 Types Of Currency Throughout History You Could Eat, Drink or Smoke

Earlier this month a regional court in Moscow ruled that farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov could not print or use his own currency. Shlyapnikov plans to appeal the ruling. The farmer introduced his own type of exchange unit, kolions, to insulate his village from economic turmoil. The currency name comes from his village, Kolionovo, and was pegged to […]

itBit Announces Launch of Global OTC Agency Trading Desk

Today, New York-based bitcoin exchange itBit announced that it had launched its Global OTC Agency Trading Desk. This agency offers over-the-counter trades between large investors and is targeted toward clients who are interested in transactions over 100 bitcoin. This service is similar to brokerage services offered by Binary Financial or Barry Silbert’s Genesis Trading. By […]

Coinffeine Launches Beta Version of Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Platform Worldwide

Spanish Bitcoin startup Coinffeine has launched the world’s first decentralized Bitcoin exchange platform in more than 70 countries, including Russia, China, Indonesia and Brazil. The company, which started offering a technical preview of their platform in May, was funded by the Spanish bank Bankinter through the Bankinter Innovation Foundation in November. The Coinffeine platform is […]

The ‘Crypto Cold War’: Bitcoin’s Politics Of Scalability

Writing on Nasdaq.com, bitcoin observer David Floyd claims the quest to increase the size of the bitcoin block is a critical issue for establishing bitcoin as a major currency. The quest, however, has no ready solution, Floyd notes in his essay, titled, “The Crypto-Cold War: Bitcoin’s Politics of Scalability.” Floyd, who writes about investing, energy […]

Former Bitcoin Foundation Director Jon Matonis Joins Cubits Board of Directors

Bitcoin Press Release: Licensed UK based Bitcoin gateway Cubits is pleased to announce Jon Matonis has joined the company’s board of directors. Supporting over 15 currencies, Cubits offers instant Bitcoin trading for consumers, and robust gateway solutions for merchants. “Europe’s Gateway to Bitcoin” – Cubits welcomes Jon Matonis to its board of directors. Jon Matonis […]