Has Anonymous Hacked the New York Stock Exchange?

Yesterday, in a cryptic move, Anonymous posted a tweet (pictured below) saying that they hoped the New York Stock Exchange would get through today alright. Then, today, out of nowhere, all trading halted on the exchange. The post Has Anonymous Hacked the New York Stock Exchange? appeared first on CCN: Financial Bitcoin News.

Re: Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 8/7/2015 – Dangerously Volatile

You have to understand the fundamentals of digital currency. Litecoin is faithfully following each step of bitcoin. Litecoins will halve production around the next 45 days. This only happens every 4 years and indicates half the total number of litecoins is already distributed. Litecoins have greater stability and age than other competitor altcoins,but are less […]

MIT Media Lab Project Enigma Enables Blockchain-Based Encrypted Data Storage

Over the last few months, renowned global organizations and financial establishments have proposed designs, or at least have attempted to implement Bitcoin’s blockchain technology, to encrypt sensitive data or to settle transactions without the association of third-party institutions such as banks. Continuing the global trend, the MIT Media Lab and two Bitcoin entrepreneurs have developed […]

Is Bitcoin Unsustainable, and How Can It Be Made Sustainable?

“Bitcoin Is Unsustainable,” claims the title of a provocative essay by Motherboard contributor Christopher Malmo that has spurred considerable debate. Malmo’s central thesis is that Bitcoin uses way too much electricity. The essay opens with a future scenario that, in view of the crisis in Greece, is beginning to appear more plausible – in 2018, […]

Coin Center Praises California’s Updated Draft for Digital Currency Legislation

Earlier this year Bitcoin policy think tank Coin Center claimed the role of interface to policymakers and regulators, with the publication of a framework for state digital currency regulation.  On March 27, Coin Center issued a detailed commentary to New York’s BitLicense, combining measured praise with constructive criticism. MIT Digital Currency Initiative lead Brian Forde […]